Dubai Bangles

Check out our latest bangles collection from Dubai. Precision laser cut and exquisitely crafted these bangles are already a hot favorite .

Mainly crafted in 22 K Hallmarked Gold, these Bangles made in solid gold sheet with laser and other diamond machine tool.

These designs go equally well both with traditional Indian wear and modern contemporary dresses.

Check the link below to view:-

Its the favourite hot cake in our store right now ūüôā


Know more about Diamonds

Lets see how many can answer these questions

Know more about Diamonds….

1)      Three major parts of a polished diamond are crown, pavilion &

a)      Rim

b)      Girdle

c)      Outline

d)     Middle

2)      The small, flat polished surface on a finished diamond are called

a)      Flats

b)      Edges

c)      Facets

d)     Culets

3)      The combination of 4C’s relates primarily to

a)      Value

b)      Beauty

c)      Durability

d)     Desirability

4)      Most popular selling shape in diamond is

a)      Pear

b)      Oval

c)      Round brilliant

d)     Heart

5)      What is the measuring unit used for the weight of diamonds?

a)      Centimeter

b)      Litre

c)      Watt

d)     Carat


The IIJS 2010 which concluded on the evening of August 23rd, was an overwhelmingly successful show with exhibitors and buyers across the board expressing satisfaction at both the business conducted and organization of the show.

In terms of trends, it is clear that diamond jewellery is gaining ground rapidly; there is a greater move in preference for western or indo-western designs as compared to traditional Indian designs; lightweight gold jewellery is in great demand in deference to the high price of gold.

Best Bulk Sms Aggregators

Its almost less than 12 years down the memory lane when mobiles had just entered our lives and we were juggling to understand its features such as missed call, received call, incoming charges, heavy roaming charges etc..
And one thing most of us reading today were totally unaware of was a magic thing called SMS.
We were all skeptical, including me, that how would such a clumsy thing like text messaging would be successful!
But today can we imagine a day without an sms, or a day passed by when we have not chat on mobile!
We need it for:-
#Business promotions
#Informing Customers about latest deals and plans
#Festival & Special days wishes
#Sharing important information or humorous joke with realtives or friends
And many many more uses which can’t be summed up just here.
Now mobile SMS doesn’t seem to be enough for us.
Sms have to be eclectic.
Bulk sms’s provided by internet websites is the need of the hour.
And one company doing this job impressively & successfully for past 10 years is “”.
Under the execution of Mr. Tushar Bhargava.
A young entreprenuer who owns the company and took it from rags to riches kind.
The one basic thing in sms delivery is time taken and failure of sms’s. outstands all this.
The name says it all Zenith + Sms = znisms.
Their delivery is realtime and failure of sms is almost  none! (We are not considering DND numbers).
They have plans as cheap as Rs 360/- to cater to the needs of small companies or starters to huge companies.
They have many big companies as their clients, naming whom would disturb the protocol here.
Znisms team, we have felt in these years, is assisted with very innovative ideas.
They have successfully launched and are running one novel concept of “Fax to email” since past 3-4 months.
It’s state-of-art concept in which one doesnot need a fax machine to receive or send a fax. The fax you receive is delivered in your email inbox!
The details for which can be had from
Some of the many innovattive things does are as follows:-
# Sms aggregation
# Sms coupons to increase sales/ customer walkin
# Fax to email (efax)
# Shortcodes
# Sms Coupons

# Flash sms etc.,

Summing up all in one para we would say its just a matter of experience. Once we try paradigm of zenith we would forget rest!
Znisms has no fake promises, funky website or deceptive slogans. They have just realtime, 100% sms delivery and
many additional innovative features to help grow business and relations.
Please note- This is not an advertisment or we are not paid for this.

Future gold Price Expectations

Forecast for gold prices by December 2010, the gold prices could range between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 23000/10gm, which could only  moderately affect the sales as consumers would still be willing to make gold jewellery purchases.

Yellow metal has constantly ruled indian consumers since history.

A lot of emotions are attached to it.

But now besides being a prestigious thing to hold Gold have carved a niche in online trading too!

People want and do make profit from its intra day sale/purchase! Where once it had a place in closets and lockers for years and years!

This is one of the main reasons for its upsurge in recent years!

Moreover, it didnot had an inflation affect on itself for many years. It revolved around Rs 4000/- to Rs 6000/- per 10 grams for good 4-5 years, whereas prices of aal things went up and up during that period.

Actually Gold has reached its true price now, we would say. otherwise being at around Rs 5000/- it would have lost its sheen!


…I believe that life is sales. Dealing with your spouse, children, co-worker, employer, friends, relatives, & basically anyone that you come into contact with you are selling into a certain degree. You may be selling a product, a service, or simply selling yourself, but people are always selling. Nothing in life ever happens until a sales is made. I would suggest that if you can master the science of sales, and then apply your art, with your personality and enthusiasm, then there is no limit to what you might be able to accomplish.Tthe human being is an incredible thing, that can accomplish anything it wants to accomplish, bad enough.You just have to want it, and be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge, education, and the desire to make it happen…..

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